Dawsons Dowsing Tales

New discoveries have surfaced recently that most ancient monuments were strictly aligned to the Earth’s natural grids especially favouring ‘High Energy Crossing points’, these are also known as ‘Star Points’ occurring at regular intervals and fairly easily plotted.  Today we hope to ‘Flag out’ two of the Earth’s main grids the Hartmann & Curry Lines and locate some of the ‘Energy Crossings’ and eventually track down the much Higher energy crossings known as ‘Star points’.

‘A point of Interest to whet your appetite’

Many buried treasures were buried carefully with the owners fully expecting for themselves or their descendants to recover the hoard in the future. Landscapes change rapidly within a generation but the Earth’s natural grids remain constant, many roman villas were located on Double Star Points often near to their water wells and they can easily be re-located with dowsing many generations later.  But what of the Treasure ?? well that would have likely been buried at the next ‘Double Star Point’ usually off to the East about 700 metres distance approximately ………………..

Brief explanation of these Grids:

Hartmann Lines   run    North to South  & East to West.Curry Lines  run to the Poles –  SW to NE & SE to  NW.

There are many other Grids circling around the globe, (Go to page 20), but the two main Natural Grids and certainly the most provable are the ‘Hartmann & Curry Lines’, they both travel the globe with slightly different Spacing’s and Angles. They regularly cross producing higher levels of energy especially where all their polarity’s match up ie: all Positives / All Negatives. These Grids / Energy Lines may be used by birds as they navigate the earth.

History Section:

Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a German medical doctor, discovered his ‘Hartmann Lines’ in 1950. Actually, he didn’t use that term. He called what he found the global-net grid.  (Incidentally, you’ll sometimes see references to a grid, other times to lines. Whatever term is used, the writers are often talking about the same thing.)

Dr. Hartmann and his brother were both dowsers and were interested in researching the cause of disease. His efforts led to the discovery of the Hartmann Lines. They are now considered to be part of the Earth energy grid as they are thought to be earth energy lines. The Hartmann Lines are considered to be magnetic in origin in that they are oriented to the Earth’s magnetic field. Hence the association with the earth energy lines.

But they are also thought to be connected somehow to cosmic energies. The reasons for both these opposing lines of thought are as follows:

The grid has been noted to distort and then re-form again (after about 30 minutes) after an earthquake. The active areas of the grid are 21 cms. across 21 cms. this is the natural frequency of neutral hydrogen atoms, an important tool for exploring the galaxy. However, the relationship is not necessarily clear beyond the common number. There is said to be a relationship to the two Van Allen belts of high intensity particle radiations at 16,000 km and 24,000 km. These belts are the result of the collision of Earth’s magnetic field with the solar wind.

What do they do?

The Hartmann Lines were responsible, according to their discoverer, for serious disease such as cancer. He was convinced that his discovery explained a great deal about why people fell ill. Indeed, he said that he never found a cancer case without it being related to the grid. (The negative places on the grid (above) are considered to be dangerous should they coincide under your bed.)      

  “If your Cat sleeps there all the time – Move your bed”    (or get  a dog).

If the lines are magnetic, then they could interfere with the normal working of cells and nerves, resulting in disease. According to some researchers, the Hartmann Lines are, in fact, getting weaker and having less and less effect on people.

Dr. Hartmann’s Life Story

After leaving school Ernest Hartmann studied medicine in Mannheim and Jena. During World War II he worked as a staff physician and was in American captivity. After his return from captivity, he opened a medical practice in Eberbach on the river Neckar, where he stayed more than 40 years as a practitioner. Besides his work as a doctor, in 1948, Ernest Hartmann still occupied himself, together with his brother Robert, with Geobiology and Dowsing. Furthermore, he occupied himself with homeopathy and later also biology. The Research Group for Geobiology (Dr. Hartmann e.V.), a registered association, was founded by him.

As a student Hartmann noted claims to information about patients and evaluated them. He observed the mortality rate to be higher in some hospital beds compared to others. Hartmann was convinced that the cause was to be found in the location of the beds. Later, as a practicing physician, he suspected patient’s illnesses who did not respond to the proven treatment methods, to have a link between the disease and the immediate environment of the patient.

In 1950  Dr. Hartmann demarcated lines forming a grid around the earth, running North-South and East-West and form like an invisible wall. North-South lines appear every 2 meters and East-West appears every 2.5 meters. and extend to a height of 60 – 600 feet.

Hartmann conclude that the worst place to spend a long time is over a Hartmann knot, where two Hartmann lines cross with any other disturbance as listed above, as harmful radiation is intensified at this place. Dr. Hartmann found out that the part of the body that was exposed for a long period of time to the distorted radiation was the location in the body where the illness started.

Geopathic Zones have a range of influence from 2 to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal vertical or diagonal. When natural radiation rises through the earth its wavelength becomes distorted. These distorted fields of radiation are harmful to living organisms and produce the Geopathic zones. It is not uncommon to find them parallel to or imposed upon the ‘Hartmann Grids’. Geopathic zones can also be man-made. These would include electromagnetic fields that emanate from such structures as high tension or satellite towers, electrical street poles, or fuse boxes.

The Curry Grid (Mesh)

Discovered by Doctor Manfred Curry, the Curry grid develops diagonally to Hartmann Grid with a 45° angle to the North axis, and therefore a 45° angle from Hartmann Grid. The bands are about 50 centimeters wide, although their width varies during day and night. The distance between each side varies too from 3 meters to 3.5meters.   ‘A dissecting line drawn through the middle of these Curry Squares appears to point directly to True North’

The intensity of these lines increases three to four-fold at night when there are less free ions, just as radio waves are received better at night. Twenty-four hours before the arrival of an atmospheric low pressure zone, a 100% increase of gamma rays is found (up to 300% on volcanic soil) on the knots.  Twelve hours before an earthquake the thickness of the ray triples: beside the central ray appear two other weaker rays to left and right which are not normally detectable.

At this time dogs howl, birds flutter madly in their cages, some cats hide under the quilt, and some people feel sick or need to sleep. During an earthquake the Hartmann network becomes twisted and distorted, but is restored half an hour later to symmetry.

Dr. Hartmann suggested that both Curry and Hartmann lines are earthing grids for cosmic rays that can be distorted by other energies such as those coming from a geological fault. This network penetrates everywhere in dwellings or on open ground, but Blanche Merz has found the grid to be pushed outside certain sacred structures such as the Egyptian pyramids and temples and Himalayan Buddhist stupas, creating a dense protective wall composed of up to seven rays around the perimeter, and a ray-free interior.

Dr. Freiherr Von Pohl

We cannot leave this section without mentioning Dr. Freiherr Von Pohl, in 1929 he mapped out danger areas in houses in Vilsburg, South Germany which were then investigated by the German Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin.  After checking the local hospital records it was found that all 54 patients who had died of cancer since records had been kept had slept in beds above points marked by on the Von Pohl’s map.

Today using the Bishop’s Rule we can count on a Scale named after Dr. Von Pohl from  1-16.

1 – 8:  Energy Line Good condition – Safe to carry on Dowsing.

9-16:  Energy Line Not good – Caution required + Good Personal Protection or Stop Dowsing.

It is good dowsing practice to ‘Von Pohl’ an Energy Line / Source soonest to avoid ‘Mucky Energy’.

Hartmann / Curry Lines  – Sacred Orientations

Most pre-Reformation Churches appear to be sited on the Triple Hartmann Curry Lines ‘Star-Points’.  This very large Energy crossing point is normally found in the Nave part of the Church with the main altar a few metres to the East. These ‘Triple Star Points’ can be found approximately every 1,470 metres East West  / 588 metres North South (1,583 metres diagonals)and appear to sit happily within other well known Energy Lines like the Michael & Mary Lines. Unlike the Michael & Mary Lines that often pass directly beneath the Church’s Bell tower the ringing of bells and chanting have no apparent effect on their propensities.

Red Lines   – Hartmann Lines.      Blue Lines – Curry Lines.


Red Flags Please – These Energy Lines run from the North to the South and from the East to the West.  

Equally spaced East-West at 2.5 metres and approx.’. (Nearer the Poles the spacing’s shrink & expand a bit nearer the Equator),

The Lines are Positive – Negative – Positive – Negative – Positive.     North-South Lines always 2 metres apart and again run Positive – Negative.  


Blue Flags Please – These Energy Lines equally spaced at around three metres apart run ‘Northwards’ from the South West – North East  & from the South East – North West. Again the Lines are ‘Charged’ Positive – Negative – Positive – Negative – Positive.

STRANGE FACT:  Both the Hartmann & Curry Lines – Every Seventh Line is Double strength and easily Dowsed.  

C:\Users\Stephen\Desktop\H&C Lines - Plan Views.PNG

Both Grids – ‘Built to scale’ Overlaid – Show a ‘Star-Point’ highlighted (Red circle). Highlighting a Double Positive Hartman & Curry Node.  These Crossings naturally happen at set distances (see final page). Triple Positive Nodes on the H&C Lines far more powerful – NOW WHERE’S THAT TREASURE MAP ???      

Sacred Orientation abandoned after the Reformation, Cardinal John Henry Newman started the ‘Oxford Movement’ in the 1830’s (Tractarianism), and tried to reinstate some older Christian traditions of faith including Sacred Orientations.

All Saints Church – Santon Thetford Forest: Location of the medieval church unknown.  Using Hartmann & Curry lines the Central Node was easily found and the foundations dowsed & Flagged.

The outer walls of the church were highlighted with both dowsing rods and a large Diving Compass.

C:\Users\Stephen\Desktop\All Saint Medieval Church.JPG

Red Flags – Central H&C Node.  White Flags main Altar. Yellow Flags – Walls.  Blue Flags Doorway.

Properties of the Lines:

Every Energy Line has a different property and with a few questions of the Line its provenance can be named.  When arriving at a new site it’s important to firstly locate / Flag-out known Energy Lines, starting a good hundred metres away from the centre of the site / Church.  Once all the known Lines have been named they can now be discounted and the search for any other Lines / Anomalies can begin. Here’s a couple of questions to the Lines to verify their names.

  • Depth.
  • Width.
  • Height.
  • Direction of Flow  – (Find where they have come from first / more accurate).
  • Male / Female  – Positive / Negative  – Ying Yang propensities.
  • Von Pohl  – Scale 1-16.    
  • 0-8      Lines appear ‘Clean’.
  • 9-16    Lines appear to be ‘Mucky’  – Maybe time to Check Protection / Stop Dowsing.
  • Sensitivity of the Lines:
  • Lines Physically sensitive to seismic activity around the world – widening dramatically.
  • Lines Emotionally sensitive to Prayer, Singing, Omm’s , Human Circles, Bell Ringing.
  • Line’s affinity to water.
  • Sensitivity to other Lines:  Kisses or Crosses, Rides over or under, avoids buildings etc.  
  • Lines sensitive to Chakras:  Pictograms often will have seven different results with a Dowser’s different Chakras.  For best results if there’s massive differences within the Group ask everyone to work from their Red Chakras.
  • Personal Associations / Feelings for the Lines:
  • Like meeting an old friend many of these Lines can bring on strong senses, smell, taste, colour, sounds, general overall feelings, warmth & cold, love & fear.

Avoid naming unknown Lines at the time, the best way to record them is by the time date of their discovery  ie: 1030.03.July.15 Later on a name maybe found and this way saves a lot of confusion amongst the local Groups.


The Great Pyramid’s north-south axis is aligned to within three-sixtieths of a degree (3 Arc-Minutes), of True north-south. It would be worthwhile to note that this alignment is more accurate than that of the Meridian Building at the Greenwich Observatory in London, which deviates from true north by nine-sixtieths of a degree. Even though there is no evidence in ancient texts that the Egyptians used astronomical knowledge in the construction of the pyramids, it seemed possible that they did indeed possess such knowledge, and had used it in finding the True North.  ( TRUE NORTH is the physical centre at the North Pole). Thuban the ‘Pole-Star’ at the time the pyramids were supposed to be built was only a fifth of the brightness of today’s Polaris Pole-star, making it very difficult to observe.

(Polar Stars:  Vega, Deneb, Thuban,  Kochab, Polaris, Errai,  Alderamin. Periods of Zero Polar Stars)

Nigel Twinn (Worcester 2015), above using his Chakras to ‘Colour Code’ the Node’s Pictogram.

Every Node can produce a seven layered Pictogram.
These Pictograms are totally unique and could easily have been used to describe a sacred location or buried treasure as the Node will still be there many generations later.
Dowsing the Pictogram using your Chakras was first promoted by Nigel Twinn & Bill Holding at the BSD dowsing weekend in Worcester 2015.
All Pre-Reformation Churches in the UK sit directly on top of a large ‘Positive’ Node that can easily be dowsed and traced out.
Keep away from Negative Nodes, often used by the Occult for all the wrong reasons in life.

Extra notes:

One of my favorite stories is of the Harrison Watches from the mid’ 1700’s and how the problem of securing Longitude was overcome and yet there’s accurately drawn world maps from two thousand  years before this ‘Navigational break through’. I really think these grid lines and the Benkers’ (measuring heights), were being used for Charts & Maps thousands of year ago.

And here’s a couple of unusual Points:

  • The Hartmann Line has a measurable Pulse, every 20 minutes a Signal appears to pulse through the Line so this means the Hartmann Lines has all the Four Dimensions required for Navigation & Mathematics.  A 16 Hertz Pulse was once sent to an English Submarine off Australia in the early 1900’s, the signal was ‘hammered’ through a Granite Block and sent from Scotland taking a full 2 minutes for each letter of the Alphabet to travel this distance through the earth’s crust.  So this Pulse / Signal must be of a much lower frequency of about 0.08333Hz. and may classed as a Circadian Rhythm.
  • ‘Triple strength’ energy line exists, and again they alternate Positive / Negative, but the exact joining of a Hartmann & Curry Triple Positive Node only happens every 1,470 metres East-Westwards  & 1,170 metres North-Southwards. These very powerful nodes are always found in the larger churches, cathedrals and large sacred places. (See Energy Lines – Grid Overlays page 18).
  • The Hartmann Net appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible, radioactive walls, each 21 centimeters (9 inches) wide. The grid is magnetically orientated, from North to South they are encountered at intervals of 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches), while from East to West they are 2.5 meters (8 feet) apart. Between these geometric lines lies a neutral zone, an unperturbed micro-climate. This network penetrates everywhere, over open ground, deserts, underwater, caving, under Jungle canopies and through all dwellings on earth,    EXCEPT THROUGH THE PYRAMIDS ON GIZA PLATEAU.
  • After an Earthquake these Lines ‘Wobble & Twist’ around but return to their positions within 30 minutes.
  • These lines rise to the surface where the water table is very shallow and can easily be mistaken for other Energy Lines like the ‘Michael & Mary’ & The Dragon Lines.
  • The Hartmann net has been defined using the Chinese terms of Yin and Yang. The Yin (North-South lines) is a cold energy which acts slowly, corresponds to winter, is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism. The Yang (East-West lines) is a hot, dry rapidly acting energy. It is related to fire and is linked to inflammations.
  • The points formed by the intersection of these lines, whether positive or negative, are dynamic environments sensitive to the rhythms of the hours and the seasons.
  • The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis. The 34 maps show the world fairly accurately including Antarica (showing the South Pole with a 7 degree shift). Could an Earth Grid have been used to build these maps?

Today’s Wash-Up:

I hope you have enjoyed today’s workshop, no real treasure found today but there are many books on the Internet of Ex’ Metal detector people now using dowsing as their main search tool and circling around these ‘Star Points’ with some success.

The Hartman & Curry Lines are the two main Natural Earths Grids but there are a couple more to be found, the Benker Grid actually sits directly on top of the Hartmann Lines forming Box sections 10 metres square (every Fourth & Fifth Line) these boxes appear to have levels every 5 metres exactly and people have suggested this aided the construction of the Pyramids.

The  Becker Hagens Planetary Grid System is a complicated grid system that is supposed to tie in all the ancient buildings around the world, the Pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge etc.

Apart from these Gridlines which circle the earth there are many ‘local’ lines that the more experienced Dowsers and ‘House Clearers’ have to locate here’s a short list below;

  • Water veins/underground streams
  • Earth energy leys
  • Stress / disturbance Lines (man made)
  • Energy Channels
  • Fault Lines
  • Black , Ley & Holy Lines.
  • Dragon Lines

“So it’s important to have a clear image in your mind of which Line you want to find”.

Definition of Dowsing:

A way of finding out by accessing information, with direct intent, using means outside of the five recognised senses and culminating in a physical response within the human body.

Summary:                                                ‘Keep it Simple’

The H&C Grids are a great  ‘Search-Tool’ in your armory, especially when dealing with ancient sites as they seemed to have been used extensively throughout the ages at least up until Henry VIII ’s Reformation in AD.1535. Finding an ancient sacred site or an old church is fairly straight forward.

After Flagging-Out H&C nodes a couple of times you will definitely get an affinition for the nodes and this will save a lot of time later on even leaving the Flags at home eventually.

Above all today hopefully we’ve been able to point out that ‘Negative / Detrimental Areas’ arising from these grids are fairly well spread out and you’re unlikely to suffer any bad effects from sleeping on top of onebut at the same time keep on an eye on that old Tabby cat – They know best.

Sample Workshop / Field Questions:

1.Using the Von Pohl Scale what reading do you find at the ‘Double Negative Star Point’.
2.The Radials / Energy Boundary from this ‘Negative Star Point’ – Can you map this out.
3.Using the Bishop’s Rule what depth / Flow rates of the water at this ‘Star Point’
4.Can you find the Polarity / Direction of Flow in both the Hartmann & Curry Lines
5.What width are the ‘Walls’ rising from these Hartmann Lines.
6.Can you find the ‘Double Strength’ Lines  – Every Seventh Line.
7.Can you find the next  ‘Triple’ strength Lines:      Every 98 metres (North-South) &  122 metres (East West).
8.The Benker Grid is exactly 10 metres square and sits directly on the Hartmann Lines – What Height does this rise to,  sectional & overall heights
9.What Time will the next ‘Pulse’ come down the ‘Hartmann Line’  – Every 20 minutes ‘Pulse’ arrives.
10.‘Pulse’ Speed = 33.3 kms per sec.  divided into Frequency 0.08333 Hz.  = V.Long Wavelength of 400 Kms.
11.The ‘Double Positive Hartmann-Curry Star Point’,  is this as ‘Strong’ a readout on a scale 1-10 as the initial ‘Double Negative Star Point’ we found.
12.Cats love Negative Energy Points so do Bees, many Apiarists position their Beehives on these Negative Points.  Do you know any other life form that always gravitates to Negative Points (Teenagers not included).
13.Are the ‘Split’ Curry Lines permanently aligned up with ‘True North’ – Always pointing upto the North Pole.
14.‘Mind Spin Time’ ……………..  (If the Hartmann Lines follow Precession then the Nodes would move as well).Do The Hartmann Lines represent the ‘Path of Precession’, the Earth’s top end follows a complete circle, 26,000 years, 1 degree every 72 years. During this long ‘wobble’ if the Curry Lines remain fixed to the ‘True North’ then the Hartmann Lines might have to follow this ‘Wobble Path’.  (It was thought the Hartmann Lines followed the Precessional-Path but the H&C Nodes in ancient places of worship have not moved indicating these Lines are fortunately locked in place).  
15.It appears that many Energy sources are twinned, Positive/ Negative,  Michael Mary Lines, Menhirs & Dolmans, Stone Circles & Ancient gravesites, so always look around your dowse-site for extra Energy Lines coming in / passing by and for the nearest Triple Negative H&C Node they maybe twinned with your location. Often times the Positive Node represented Life and the nearby negative Node supported the Old Folk. Try and find the ‘Spirit Path that connected both of these very important sites. Also check for a confining circle around the Node this could indicate a Druids Grove marked out by Stones / Trees.  

Overlaying the H&C Grids on graph paper we can accurately show where these powerful Positive Nodes are located for both the Double & Triple lines.

The Hartmann rectangles are exactly 5/9 of the Curry Squares.

Tellurian Networks  by Stéphane Cardinaux

You cannot write about the Earth’s natural Grids without mentioning the famous Swiss dowser, Stéphane Cardinaux, he has written many books on this subject and does many Talks & Workshops around Europe.

Stéphane Cardinaux claims these networks, which patrol our planet, are the result of the interaction of the Earth’s electric field, of the Earth’s magnetic field and cosmic radiation (radiation from the Sun and other celestial stars).  

Plus these currents, or networks, are from the very structure of the Earth. The core internal Earth is composed of nickel and iron solidified, by its very high density, despite a temperature around 6,000 ° C, has a speed greater than that of the Earth.

There are six main Earth Grids all with similar properties, lines alternating positive to negative but the frequency rate of Double & Triple Lines varies between the networks. Naming the Grids after popular metals makes locating them much easier, a dowser can carry an actual witness or retain a mental picture when dowsing.

The ‘Nickel’ Network  / Hartmann Lines.
The ‘Iron’ Network  / Curry Lines.

All of the Triple Lines have Radials running alongside, alternating positive & negative giving the Triple Lines a tubular appearance.

The ‘Copper’ Network  / Palm Lines.
The ‘Gold’ Network  / Peyré Lines.
The ‘Aluminium’ Network  / Wiesmann Lines – Benker Lines when vertical.

Stéphane Cardinaux shows some complicated nodal overlays mainly with the Triple Hartmann, Curry & Peyré Lines working together to produce amazing Sacred Orientations, and especially within the Chartres Cathedral in Northern France.    

C:\Steve's Folders\04. Earth Mysteries+Dowsing\00. Archives\Geobiological Networks.png

Here’s a handy Chart to have with you with looking for the Energy Lines.

And Finally:

‘Take most Pentagrams with a Pinch of Salt’

There are Four North’s commonly in use in Great Britain
Magnetic North:Is the direction indicated by a magnetic compass. Magnetic North moves slowly with a variable rate and currently is West of Grid North in Great Britain.
True North:Is the direction of a meridian of longitude which converges on the North Pole.   Geographical lines do exist where True North and Magnetic North are aligned, and these are called Agonic lines. (Not constant)
Grid North:The direction of a grid line which is parallel to the central meridian on the National Grid.
Platform North:Commonly used offshore, all structures and their appurtenances  orientated to this ‘Construction  Axis’.



Precessional movement of the Earth:The Earth rotates (white arrows) once a day about its axis of rotation (red), this axis itself rotates slowly (white circle), completing a rotation in approximately 26,000 years.  One Degree of Precession = 72 years.This is an excellent tool for dating known buildings like Barrows, if their main doorways are off the Spring Autumn sunrise by 70 degrees then the building was constructed approximately 5,000 years ago.This ‘Topside Clockwise Wobble’ of the earth also means that when the Pyramids were supposed to have been built 3,500 years ago the night sky’s and its stars would have been totally different to today’s layout, in fact the area where the star ‘Polaris’ is today would have been extremely difficult to track to achieve the True North achieved during  the construction of the Pyramids. (A Four dimensional Building with Eight Sides)Why is this ‘True Constant’ so important:Construction, Navigation, Mathematics & Astronomy all need a ‘True Constant’, with the Earth’s precessional wobble and the shifting Magnetic fields ‘True North’ would have been the easiest and most accurate available to provide this Constant and became the baseline of all works on earth.Logging Star-shifts would have taken thousands of years of higher mathematics plus very difficult from the Equator & the Southern regions, the True Constant could easily be established & maintained by the Earth’s Natural Grid System and using basic Dowsing methods.
Aligning the Pyramids to True North: Egyptian architects, surveyors and builders are known to have used two specialised surveying tools, the merkhet (the ‘instrument of knowing’, similar to an astrolabe) and the bay (a sighting tool probably made from the central rib of a palm leaf). These allowed construction workers to lay out straight lines and right-angles, and also to orient the sides and corners of structures, in accordance with astronomical alignments. It is clear that the Egyptians were using their knowledge of the stars to assist them in their architectural projects from the beginning of the pharaonic period (c.3100-332 BC), since the ceremony of pedj shes (‘stretching the cord’), relying on a very complicated astronomical knowledge, this was first attested to on a granite block of the reign of the Second-Dynasty king Khasekhemwy (c.2650 BC).  
This pedj shes ceremony relied on sightings of the Great Bear and Orion constellations, aligning the foundations of the pyramids and sun temples very precisely with the North, South, East and West. They usually achieved this with an error of less than half a degree. In later periods, the process of stretching the cord continued to be depicted in texts and in the reliefs of temples such as that of Horus, at Edfu, but it appears to have gradually become just a ritual, since these temples were aligned less precisely than the earlier ones, often simply with reference to the direction of the river. How did this astronomically based surveying work in practice? The British Egyptologist IES Edwards argued that True North was probably found by measuring the place where a particular star rose and fell in the East and West, then bisecting the angle between these two points. More recently, however, Kate Spence, an Egyptologist at the University of Cambridge, has put forward a convincing & complicated theory that the architects of the Great Pyramid sighted on two stars (b-Ursae Minoris and z-Ursae Majoris), rotating around the position of the North pole, which would have been in perfect alignment in around 2467 BC, the precise date when Khufu’s pyramid is thought to have been constructed.
The Great Pyramid’s North-South axis is aligned to within three-sixtieths of a degree (3 Arc-Minutes), of True North-South. It would be worthwhile to note that this alignment is more accurate than that of the Meridian Building at the Greenwich Observatory in London, which deviates from true North by nine-sixtieths of a degree.  True North is the physical centre at the North Pole. Thuban the ‘Pole-Star’ was only a fifth of the brightness of today’s Polaris Pole-star at the time the Pyramids were supposed to be built, making it very difficult to observe. Of the twelve periods of the Earth’s Precession there are only Seven Polar Stars: Vega, Deneb, Thuban,  Kochab, Polaris, Errai, Alderamin.
I am now suggesting the Egyptians used a much more simple method to locate True North,  ‘Dowsing’.

The Diagram above shows the Curry Lines in Blue heading through the Pyramid – North West & North East directions.  The Yellow lines are the ‘Flagged Lines’, we would need 54 Flags for each leg in the Great Pyramid of Giza, from the corners to the centre, and the Red Line indicates True North.The ‘Flagged Lines’ can also be run Eastwards / to the Right side of the Pyramid, exact same results. Curry LinesCurry lines are a Global grid network of electrically charged lines of natural origin. These lines run diagonally to the Poles and were first discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann. They found these lines form lines / squares to be approximately 3 meters apart, although that this can vary and can also be recorded at height. As the lines are electrically charged, the intersecting points are either double positives, double negatives or one of each. From his studies Dr. Curry felt that the positively charged spots lead to a proliferation of cells, with the possibility of cancerous cell growth, whereas the negatively charged spots could lead to inflammation.  The Hartmann Grid another famous Global grid network (not shown here), overlays the Curry Lines and their Positive / Negative Nodes have strong interactions. The Hartmann lines do not enter the Great Pyramid (only place on Earth), and they skirt around the base of the Pyramids. “We will now use the Curry Lines to rapidly & very accurately Locate True North”.      Yellow Lines = The Curry Lines  – Flagged out 20 Flags to the North West and then 20 Flags to the North East.  The Angle recorded as 1 Degree magnetic between the Start Point and the Top Flag.
The Flags were also GPS recorded and transferred to Google Earth.
North West Leg =  20 Flags = 60 metres.North East  Leg = 20 Flags  = 60 metres.
Start Point CC  to Top Flag AA.  = 80.8metres.
Red Line = North +1 Degree Magnetic (Basic Land Survey Theodolite required this Reading)1 Deg. Mag’.  December 2014 – Ickworth Park – Suffolk.  = True North +/- 5 Arcs.
An Easy Dowsing Exercise and Highly Repeatable plus it raises the question of which came first, The Pyramids or the Curry Lines. 

No Theodolite   – No Worries

If you do not have access to a Theodolite to check your True North (Red Line), then the ‘Start-Point’ (Blue-Star), needs to be located / orientated from a Large scale OS Map, later transfer these coordinates to a GPS.
The Diagram above shows the ‘North Points’ of the Map and this will be found in the General Information / Symbols area of the Map along with their angles from the Map’s Grid North.  Magnetic North changes annually but True North & Grid North will remain the same for this area of the Map. In Suffolk True North is around 2 degrees West of Grid North and this can be drawn onto the Map with a Protractor.
When looking for a location for this exercise try and find a wide field with a known monument or Church directly to the North, a good mile plus away for extra accuracy. Use your GPS to locate the ‘Start-Point’.  



‘Points of Interest’

The Great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau are the more accurately True North orientated buildings in the world even up until today.  They are only three Arcs of a degree out, one twentieth of a degree, and strangely this is the exact same angle North Africa has moved in the last 30,000 years.  

Basic Theodolite – Seven pounds off E-bay:  Yes it was a ‘Bag of Nails’ but it was easily repaired.If you cannot locate a North facing slope for your workshop then a means of Map-Triangulation maybe required and a cheap old ‘Transit’ bolted to a camera tripod will do the job accurately.

In the late 1960’s, John Mitchell came up with the idea that if you drew a line from St. Michael’s mount in Cornwall to Hopton in Norfolk you would find numerous churches standing on it that were dedicated to St. Michael, so the Line was christened,  ‘The Michael Line’.
The Line also passed through many important prehistoric ritual features and sacred locations such as Glastonbury, Avebury, Royston Cave, Bury St Edmunds, then onwards to Hopton and the North Sea. It is thought these Lines circle the world but with so many other energy Lines it’s difficult to verify.
In the 1980’s the line was actually followed by two men called Hamish Miller, who was a well-known dowser and Paul Broadhurst a writer. This expedition resulted in a book called ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ in which they describe their travels.

Saint Michael

Saint MaryDuring this expedition the same authors also tracked another energy line which weaved roughly along the same course as the St. Michael Line running through many churches named after St. Mary.
This secondary line was christened  ‘The Mary Line’ after St. Mary. The ‘Mary Line’ has a much more subtle feel to it when dowsing along it, our house stands on this Line giving it a serene atmosphere.
Michael & Mary Lines  – UK RouteSt Michael’s Mount  – Cornwall    Carwynnen or Giant’s Quoit   Ladock Church    Bofarnel Downs (Tumuli)The Hurler’s Stone CircleThe CheesewringGreat Links Tor (Dartmoor)Cosdon Hill (Dartmoor)West Buckland ChurchBurrowbridge MumpGlastonbury TorOliver’s Castle (Hill Fort)Beckhampton Long BarrowThe Avebury HengeTemple FarmDrayton St. Leonard ChurchPitstone ChurchIvinghoe HillsRoyston CaveBury St Edmunds Abbey  – Suffolk
There have been many Pilgrimages along this 400 mile route from both East and Westwards, some pilgrims have completed the route on foot, bicycles and even on Horseback.At a few locations the Michael & Mary Lines appear to  ‘Kiss’, where they converge but not crossing, (the Lines do cross occasionally). The most famous ‘Kiss’ is in the Bury St Edmunds Abbey gardens where the Lines converge in the runs of the old Abbey, right at the altar.

The M&M Lines are easily ‘Flagged out’ in the Abbey gardens, but always start placing your flags a good 100 metres away from the central location, the ‘Kiss’ area is a strong Node and dowsing can become a bit hazy.

A non-profit organization promoting this Spiritual & Cultural Journey. They have an excellent Handbook.
Michael & Mary The Pilgrims WayDavid Kelf, man left of photo with Merlin the Labrador, organised the walks between all the churches on the M&M Lines from Norfolk’s Hopton to the Suffolk village of Eye, and back again to Hopton, following the Michael Line westwards and the Mary Line eastwards.
This is the ‘Michael’s Gate’, a wooden structure that straddles the Michael Line in the village of Eye.

The Michael Mary Lines finally meets one more time in the ruins of Saint Margaret’s church in Hopton.Sunrise Dowsers president and founding member Brian Howard has been chasing funds for the repair and stablisation of this abandoned church for many years and recently secured a one million pound Lottery grant to fund this project.In 2018 St Margret’s church will be open again to the public, minus a roof but safe to dowse the Michael & Mary node here before the Lines slip into the North Sea.

Sunrise Dowsers based in Hopton Norfolk, just where the Michael and Mary Lines leave England heading into the sea, hosted an interesting evening’s talk by Laurence Main. He runs the ‘Ley Hunters’ Moot and produces their magazine, for a group who are interested in Leys and Patterns within the Landscape.Laurence Main left Hopton on foot the next day and started his Pilgrimage, backpacking westwards back along the Michael Line.  Photo above; Laurence in red being given a lift across the Norfolk Broads in David Kelf’s boat and crossing the Michael Line at Somerleyton,  Ann’s dowsing the Michael Line in the photo.Following the M&M Lines is a fantastic experience, good for all the family, great countryside with dozens of ancient churches, buildings and villages, history galore, many pub lunches on the way including Saint Peter’s Brewery, there’s even a few Tea Rooms en-route (but we don’t talk about them). When following the Michael & Mary Line please don’t become too complacent ie: just drawing straight lines on the map between the churches.  The Lines wander about a fair bit over here in Suffolk & Norfolk. At Cotton the Michael Line doesn’t pass by the Saint Andrews church there but heads off Northwards over the hill where the large white water tower stands then rejoins its normal route at the village, of Wickham Skieth.


I have done a brief search on the internet for Medieval buildings, farms, tracks etc. in the Hembsy Hall area but there’s not much recorded digitally.  Hemsby village was mentioned in the Domesday Book and there’s substantial evidence of a Brick making industry going back to Roman times on the higher grounds between Hemsby & Martham.  There were good farm lands in this region and many large farms / halls were established. Most of the larger halls would have had their own chapel and up until the Reformation these chapels would have used the very same earth energy orientations as our ancestors did to site their places of commune / worship and sites to respect their dead.   

Hemsby hall has a known Neolithic oval barrow sited 300 metres directly to the west meaning their site of commune & worship was to the east of this ancient grave, back towards Hemsby Hall.  Using basic dowsing techniques we can easily locate the Neolithic oval barrow (sited on a large negative node), and back-track our way to where there was commune & worship (sited on a positive node).  The path between these two sites is variously called the ‘Causeway’ or the ‘Spirit Path’, and these too can be dowsed showing the common relationship between the two sites.

Aims of the Dowsing Day:   

To locate the Neolithic oval barrow, remotely from the nearby farm track if access restricted and to backtrack this earth energy line to the most probable location of a site of worship, this would have changed through the ages, Celts, Roman, Saxon, Christian but always on the same positive node.

Hall Farm Mediaeval Barn:                   (Purple Building rt.)This timber framed aisled barn was built around 1300 (trees felled in 1283 from tree ring survey 2012). It is Norfolk’s oldest known timber framed building. The brick walls were added in the 18th century. The thatched roof may date to the 20th century.Somewhere just to the west of this plan photograph is where the Hall’s Chapel would have been built. Most probably a small timber framed building as stone is in short supply on the east coast.

Hemsby Brief History:                                    (Borrowed from the Parish Magazine)

Hemsby is located on the east coast of Norfolk, north of Great Yarmouth. This small village is now dominated by coastal holiday camps, chalets and caravan parks but in the past the local economy depended on fishing and farming. The village name derives from Old Scandinavian and means ‘Heimer’s settlement’. The Scandinavian element of the name suggests Viking settlers may have founded the village. The archaeology of the parish, however, does not support this interpretation.

Despite extensive field-walking in advance of the construction of the Bacton to Yarmouth pipeline and metal detecting and recording of archaeological sites from aerial photographs by the National Mapping Project, no finds or sites characteristic of Viking culture have been identified. The Domesday Book records the presence of the village in 1086, when there was a church and two salt

houses here. Archaeological evidence demonstrates that there was settlement in the area at a much earlier period however.

The earliest prehistoric evidence dates from the Palaeolithic. An Upper Palaeolithic flint handaxe was found in a garden within the parish. Two possible Neolithic barrows have been identified from aerial photographs. An in-depth analysis of archaeological sites visible on aerial photographs has also identified a possible Neolithic mortuary enclosure in the parish. Not all Neolithic evidence is associated with death. A Neolithic flint axehead and a Neolithic flint leaf arrowhead have also been recorded. At the end of the Neolithic period a complete Beaker period vessel may have been deposited close to the Lacon Arms pub.

The Neolithic barrows and mortuary enclosure described above suggests the area was of significance to people during this period. The identification of two Bronze Age barrow cemeteries near these monuments suggests the landscape continued to hold ritual significance during the Bronze Age.

Timings & Terminology:

Neolithic Age4000 BC  to 2351 BC.Bronze Age2350 BC  to 701 BC.

Oval barrow:

An oval barrow is a mound of earth and/or stones of roughly elliptical plan covering or containing one or more human burials and/or other ceremonially placed deposits, sometimes partly or wholly surrounded by a ditch from which the material to build the mound was derived. Oval barrows are generally less than 45m long and tend to be about half as broad as their length.

Round barrow cemetery:

A group of five or more closely spaced prehistoric round barrows. The spacing of barrows within a round barrow cemetery varies considerably, but few barrows will be over 150m from their nearest neighbour; most will be less than 100m apart. The largest cemeteries contain up to about 30 barrows. Round barrow cemeteries may be recognized as groups of upstanding barrows, ring-ditches, or a combination of the two. The tradition of constructing round barrow cemeteries seems to have spanned most of the Bronze Age, broadly 2000 to 700 BC. Some round barrow cemeteries contain or lie adjacent to earlier monuments, usually Neolithic long barrows or oval barrows, but there is no evidence that when these monuments were built they comprised the older parts of the cemetery. The length of time over which individual round barrow cemeteries were used varied enormously, although as a general rule the larger cemeteries are also the longest-lived.

Long barrow:

A long barrow is a roughly rectangular or trapezoidal mound of earth and/or stone, usually between 25m and 120m long, with a length exceeding twice its greatest width. The mound may be edged with a timber or stone revetment, and there is frequently a facade at the higher and/or wider end of the monument. The majority of long barrows contain one or more stone or wooden burial chambers

which occupy a small portion of the total structure. The tradition of building and using long barrows seems to have spanned the middle Neolithic period, broadly 3000 BC to 2400 BC, a total of perhaps five or six centuries. Many long barrows seem to have been used for communal burial rites. Burial chambers are often found to contain jumbled human bone, suggesting that once bodies had decomposed the bones were moved around inside the barrow or taken out and used in ceremonies.

Mortuary enclosure:

A roughly rectangular earthen enclosure defined by a ditch, usually with an internal bank. These are assumed to have been used for the exposure or burial of human remains in the Neolithic period. These bodies and bones were later removed and buried elsewhere.

Ring ditch:The term used to describe a circular ditched feature, often a round barrow that has been ploughed out until all that remains is the outer ditch. Ring ditches are often seen as crop marks because the ditches have become filled over time.Painting by Ann Dawson  5 3/4.yrs.
Medieval Post Mill:The Post mill is the earliest type of European windmill. Its defining feature is that the whole body of the mill that houses the machinery is mounted on a single vertical post, around which it can be turned to bring the sails into the wind. (Majority owned by the Knights Templar in eastern England).

The field boundaries of a Bronze Age field system can be seen as cropmarks on aerial photographs and later the land was split into fields during the Iron Age and Roman period but a different field system  was used. There is also other evidence of Roman activity in the region with Roman coins, pottery & bricks having been found. A Saxon settlement in Ormesby St Margaret has been located with coins, brooches and pottery fragments being excavated.

This cross (copy) may be part of a set of four medieval crosses that were recorded by the vicar of St Mary’s around 1900 as being sanctuary markers. One of these has been moved from its original position west of the church.These medieval crosses were constructed around the same time as the church that dates to the 14th century and later. Excavations at the site of the village stores also uncovered evidence for a medieval clay extraction pit. Other interesting medieval finds include a gold coin found on the beach and a carved limestone lion’s head found in someone’s garden.


TG. 4839  1678
Neolithic oval barrow:A small oval or sub rectangular enclosure is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. The enclosure is a slightly irregular oval or sub rectangular shape in plan. It measures approximately 34m by 30m.

TG. 4847  1651
Neolithic oval barrow / Mortuary enclosure:An oval or sub rectangular enclosure is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. The enclosure is only partially visible but appears to be broadly rectangular in shape, with notably curved ends and corners. It measures approximately 22.5m long and 15.5m wide.

TG.  4863  1642

Bronze Age round barrow:A ring ditch is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs most likely to be the site of a, It measures approximately 26m long by 21.5m wide, and is defined by a substantial ditch.

TG.  4936  1608
Bronze Age round barrow:A probable cemetery is visible as the cropmarks of ring ditches on aerial photographs. Up to five ring ditches are visible. A cross-shaped trench or pit within one of the overlapping ring ditches suggests it was reused as a medieval post mill mound.

A = Neolithic oval barrow.  300 metres west of Hall Farm.   Chapel will be found by basic dowsing between position A’ and the farm.

Haddiscoe Church has a lot of history going back way beyond the Vikings.  The Knights Templars built a Preceptory to the North and this initial Grid Survey hopes to locate their main Buildings and Temple.
Initial Survey Grid =  4 x 5 ‘Ten Metre’ Squares.   Visual Baseline Eastern Boundary Fence  – 030 degrees.‘Grid Start-Up’ is in the South West Corner of the Church Grounds  – Plenty of room for Expansion.

Tree-Photograph on the Right shows the  ‘Initial Grid Survey Datum’. Plus the Eastern Boundary Fence running away Northwards at 030 degrees.
This Tree / Datum Mark, see Map + Grid above is situated in Square 6.I and its Coord’s are  X-Axis: 10 metres, Y-Axis: 00 metres.
All Coordinates are recorded ‘Graph-like’;  Facing Northwards and from Left to Right then Upwards.
The Ten Metre Squares have diagonals of 14.14 metres and will be checked regularly.


Map above shows (Red Lines), the fully Expanded Grid available for a longer term project to record all Knights Templar structures that were built in this area.   The ‘Initial Grid Survey Area’ that Hopton

Sunrise Dowsers hope to tackle this Sunday (08.May.2016), is highlighted above – White Rectangle.

Initial Grid Survey Datum:  31U.  0404631 – 5819321The Tree at the North East edge of the Graveyard is an excellent start point for this 50 x 40 metres area.
RED TRIANGLE  – Above:The ‘Red Triangle’ shown above is a perfect  3,4,5 triangle that ties in the Initial Survey Area to the much larger Main Grid.
Main Grid  – Index Point:31U.  404537 – 5819285The Main Grid’s Index Point is in the South West corner / Eight O’ clock position and show a Main Grid of 140m. x 160m.  (Expandable).

    Measuring the Diagonals of the Grid Squares:10m Square: 14.14m 20m Square: 28.28m 30m Square: 42.43m 40m Square: 56.57m

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defence project which generated quite a bit of controversy over its alleged weather control capabilities and much more. The project was shuttered by the military in 2013 after attracting large amounts of negative publicity, though HAARP-like research undoubtedly continues in other secret projects. This essay reveals major deception promulgated by those involved to lead the public to believe HAARP was simply a research facility with little practical military value.
HAARP is the largest of the so-called ‘ionospheric heaters’. The ionosphere begins approximately 35 miles above the surface and extends out beyond 500 miles. It contains both positively and negatively charged particles known as ions and electrons naturally created as a result of the action of the sun’s radiation (solar winds). The ionosphere is capable of strong interaction with radio waves distorting them, totally reflecting or absorbing them. Downward propagating waves can couple into the Earth-ionospheric wave guide.
Though denied by HAARP project officials, some respected researchers allege that the electromagnetic warfare capabilities of the project were designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving “Full-spectrum Dominance” by the year 2020 and of “Owning the Weather in 2025”. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP technologies have been and continue to be used for weather control, to cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more, but this really  is stretching the truth a bit too far. But it has definitely affected The Shumann Resonance in recent years.
Schumann Resonances This global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. The Schumann Resonance is the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth generated and excited by lightning discharges (upto 4,000 every second around the world), in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere and it is supposed to be steady at 7.83 Hz, but it can vary slightly.

Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 HZ—the ancient Indian Rishis called OM. and also happens to be a very powerful frequency to use with brainwave entrainment. The first astronauts in space physically missed this low frequency rhythm often called Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat and it was introduced in all later space flights. It is possible that these signals act like a natural tuning fork, not just for the biological oscillators of the brain, but for all processes of life.
With the advent of new wireless technology, in particular microwaves pulsed at frequencies close to Schumann Resonance as in mobile telephony, another threat is emerging. We may be creating an environment that is literally `out of tune’ with Nature.
The Connection Tesla did a lot of experiments with the power from the ionosphere and claimed the world could one day get free electricity but this was never followed up, but what did become apparent was without the Schumann Resonances there could be no life on earth and the flipside of this is if you can induce an Extremely Low Frequency you can restart life as long as the basics such as water and carbon are present.  The HAARP Project / Experiment has finished here on earth but it looks likely to be starting up on the planet Mars in the next decade or so. The portable nuclear power plant has already been produce ready for the long 6+ month flight to Mars. It will produce ELF’s for many years and strengthen the very weakened resonance shield that surrounds the planet and hopefully in a century or two with a lot of seeding from earth Mars may be ready for farming producing large quantities of arable crops.

A few of the 800 temples, cathedrals and sacred sites dedicated to Apollo and Athena aligned across Europe.

Apollo and Athena follow the general path of the rising sun on the winter solstice. This would suggest that the ley alignment of sacred sites was done for both geomantic, astronomical, and ritualistic purposes.

Piri Reis map of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea from 1513.Nautical charts identified an island called “Bracile” west of Ireland in the Atlantic Ocean as far back as 1325. Later it appeared as Insula de Brasil in the Venetian map of Andrea Bianco (1436).A Catalan chart of about 1480 labels two islands “Illa de brasil”, one to the south west of Ireland (where the mythical place was supposed to be) and one south of “Illa Verde” or Greenland. On maps the island was shown as being circular, often with a central strait
or river running east-west across its diameter. Despite the failure of attempts to find the island it appeared regularly on maps including the English Admiralty maps lying south west of Galway Bay until 1865, by which time it was called Brasil Rock.

26 year old Sgt. James Penniston was part of the three man USAF Security Police team called to investigate the landed craft of unknown origin in Rendlesham Forest.

During the incident Sgt. Penniston actually touched the landed craft and was hit with a bright light.  Two days later back in barracks he wites down a binary code in his notebook, 16 pages all together and then ‘Feels unburdened’.  The notebook is translated exactly 30 years later and Hi Brazil’s coordinates appear along with many other world famous heritage sites like the Pyramids and the Nazca Lines in Peru.
Hi Brazil has submerged under the seas, but it appears it’s the Fulcrum point of the Apollo & Athena Axis..

There has been a church on the site at Coast Road Hopton-on-Sea since 1087. There aren’t many records but it’s thought that St. Margaret’s church was built between 1189 and 1250. It was a small church, with the northern aisle added some 100 years later.The Norfolk Records Office in Norwich holds Baptism, Burial and Marriage Records dating from 1673. A fire broke out in the church on Sunday 8 January 1865 when the stove became overheated and the building was all but demolished.  The church was replaced by the existing church, also called St. Margaret’s, on the Lowestoft Road in Hopton-on-Sea.
The Michael & Mary Energy Lines coming up from Cornwall and passing through many ancient sacred sites like Glastonbury, Avebury and Bury St Edmunds arrive here at the old Saint Margaret’s Church and Cross for the final time before heading over the cliffs into the North Sea and heading to Holland. We will hopefully meet up with Brian Howard (Sunrise Dowsers) who spent years fund-raising for this old Church to stabalise its structure and re-open it to the public. The Energy Lines are all Positive and incredibly strong here, this Node also has the traditional Hartmann & Curry Lines pouring into it plus an unusual Line know locally as the Peter Line which comes up directly from the South.
Holiday Caravan Parks overlooking the sea at HoptonIt’s about half a mile to the beach were the Michael & mary Energy disappear into the sea.  Most of the paths are fairly good but it’s advisable to wear flat & strong shoes for the Day and if possible bring a compass to check the directions of the Lines.The White Hart Inn nearby  is a family / children friendly place and is good for Coffees & Comfort rooms, plus after midday it provides an excellent & reasonably priced Buffet lunch in their large and airy conservatory + good safe parking.Meeting at 11:00hrs. Saturday 27th. October 2018.Inroad Parking at the old St. Margaret’s Church – Next to the Church of England Primary School.

74  Bridge Street,Downham Market  – Norfolk.

There’s definitely a Water Energy Line running westwards from the south side of Saint Edmunds Church, south of Morrisons (large White Building) and running alongside Bridge street through the rear of the properties.   Summer Flowrate 5 tonnes per hour 27 feet below. Winter Flowrate 8 tonnes per hour 23 feet below, heading to the River Great Ouse.

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